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The Shelby County Prosecutor’s Office represents the State of Indiana in all felony and misdemeanor prosecutions resulting from crimes committed within Shelby County, Indiana.

In addition, the Shelby County Prosecutor’s Office conducts criminal investigations, supervises Grand Jury proceedings, enforces child support orders entered in divorce and paternity cases, conducts juvenile adjudications and prosecutions, and provides information and assistance to the victims of crime.  We also work with the Attorney General’s office on appeals from our cases, and also defend the convictions and sentences against various other filings by offenders seeking early release from prison or reversal of their convictions.

In the year 2016, the Criminal Division of the Shelby County Prosecutor’s Office handled 5,906 prosecutions, which include:
            179 Major Felonies (Class A, B, or C, Murder, or Level 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5)
            -486 Class D and Level 6 felonies
            -1,352 Misdemeanor prosecutions
            -3,778 infraction prosecutions
            -131 Juvenile prosecutions
            -284 miscellaneous Criminal Cases, Search Warrants, and Investigations

Additionally, we handled 123 Nolle Pros Criminal Cases

Our child support division:

            -Collected $3,792,436 in child support payments



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