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Adult Protective Services Investigator Jerry Kiefer and Mary Ann Turner are responsible for Shelby, Hancock and Johnson Counties. For more than 10 years, Jerry has been giving a voice to those who cannot speak for themselves. You can reach Jerry toll-free at (888)-387-2352. The fax number is (317) 398-8847.

An " endangered adult" is defined by Indiana Statute as any individual over 18 years of age who is incapable by reason of mental infirmity, insanity, mental illness, mental retardation, senility, old age, physical infirmity, or other incapacity, of either managing the individual's property or providing self-care, or both: and harmed or threatened with harm as a result of neglect, battery or exploitation of the individual's personal services or property. An individual is not an endangered adult solely for the reason that the individual is being provided spiritual treatment in accordance with a recognized religious method of healing instead of specified medical treatment and if the individual would not be considered to be an endangered adult if the individual were receiving the medical treatment.

The abuse, exploitation, and neglect of endangered adults, particularly the elderly, is not only a national disgrace but often times, a crime, too. Adults who meet the legal definition of an "endangered adult" are usually vulnerable, helpless, confused, alone and afraid, and powerless to change their situation without outside intervention. It is not unusual for the abuser to be a family member or close friend that has accepted the responsibility of care with the best intentions but finds that the obligations and burdens of providing this care causes them to lose control and the situation deteriorates.

Our community must understand that there are laws to protect the citizens who are unable to adequately provide for their own well being. It is the goal of Adult Protective Services [APS] and the respective Prosecutor's Office to bring the necessary social agencies, law enforcement and courts to intervene on behalf of our at-risk adult population.

Abuse of incapacitated adults cannot be considered someone else's problem.

Looking the other way and minding your own business will only cause the problems to persist and spread. Concerned citizens are the best way to stop abuse, neglect and exploitation. Your call to APS will be handled in confidence and your name will not be made public. Every call will be investigated. Deliberate false reports will be treated as a crime under applicable laws.

Adult Protective Services along with the Prosecutor's Office stands ready to assist you with questions or concerns about the safety and welfare of a relative, friend, neighbor or yourself, if you think you may have become a victim.

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